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Okay, so we all saw the ratings last week and they weren’t great. So I have a really simple message for you. No matter what you think of GG, the way it’s going, we can still save it from being cancelled. You just need to tune in. I wish I could, but I live in the UK. So I really hope that you do tune in tonight and more importantly, I hope you enjoy the episodes.

2 Responses to “Quick Message: Tune in Tonight!”

  1. Suzy Says:

    The only way that us tuning in would save the show is if we were a Nielsen viewer. Only a certain number of homes have the box on their tv that tracks what they watch. They then take this sample group and make estimates on how the rest of the country is watching it. It’s a lot like how they do polling for elections. I’m still tuning in though… :(

  2. admin Says:

    Didn’t know that! So maybe more/less people are watching than we know.