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Here is you top 5 and winner in the Ultimate Gossip Girl Episode contest!

1 107 Victor Victorla
2 225 The Goodbye Gossip Girl
3 513 G.G.
4 201 Summer, Kind Of Wonderful
5 524 The Return Of The Ring

Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest and our lovely prize sponser! We hope you all enjoyed it. I have contacted the winner of the ring, so Jenny, check your inbox lol!

2 Responses to “Your Ultimate Episode is…”

  1. Ice Says:

    Really love the top 5! All great episodes!! Victor Victrola is the beginning of Chair of course, so it’s good to see that it’s a lot of fan’s favorite.

  2. XOGC Says:

    I’m a bit surprise by the top 5 but it’s all big CHAIR episodes…
    So I can understand why people love them… Even if I think that regarding plots and cinematography they aren’t the best.