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Gossip Girl is going out with a bang. And yep, we’re totally talking about that kind of bang. Booyakasha!

Sources confirm exclusively that a major Gossip Girl hookup is happening in this final season, pretty soon, and it will mark a reunion for one of the show’s biggest core couples of all time. Suffice to say, it’s a moment many of you fans have been waiting for…for a very long time.

So, who is it?

Well, you didn’t think we’re going to outright spoil it all for you, did ya? What would be the fun in that?

But we can tell you that this core-couple reconciliation goes down around the sixth episode, and the couple we are talking about is not of the parental variety. (They started off as high-schoolers on the show.)

Now it’s your turn to sleuth it out in the comments: Which couple seems overdue for a reunion? One that might indeed end up being endgame? Have at it!

5 Responses to “Gossip Girl Spoiler Bomb: A Core Couple Is Finally Getting Back Together!”

  1. Amber Says:

    It’s obviously either Chuck and Blair or Dan and Serena seeing as the couple began their relationship when they were still in school….I’m leaning towards Chuch and Blair though!

  2. Samantha Says:

    Serena and Dan S2

  3. Aimee Says:

    Blair and Nate, I hope!!!!

  4. Vitor Says:

    Please, it isnt a spoiler bomb, Chuck and Blair getting married in the series finale is so ridiculously obvious!

  5. katy Says:

    Its dan and serena .. because blair and chuck are already together in 1st episode.
    blair nd chuck will be married in 2nd last epi and dan serena will be in the series finale..taylor momson is also coming
    so may be nate and jenny also reunite :P