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aaaaaand….It’s a wrap!

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What did you think? Was it all worth it?

The finale aired and here are some of the revelations and twists,

  • Lonely Boy aka Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl
  • Blair and Chuck get married and have a son, Henry
  • Dan and Serena get married
  • Georgina Sparks has sparks with Jack Bass
  • William used Ivy to get back with Lily and succeeded
  • Rufus and Lisa Loeb are an item
  • Nate gets his best storyline yet and we will never see it – he’s running for mayor
  • cameos by Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, Willa Holland, Katie Cassidy, Jessica Szohr, Taylor Momsen, Connor Paolo

5 Responses to “aaaaaand….It’s a wrap!”

  1. Cla Says:

    has anyone notice what was keeping jenny? she had a shopping bag of J and Waldorf…Jenny and Blair made a fashion line together! :)

  2. Guucha Says:

    I loved this show! But what will happen to this site now after the show is over?

  3. Dafne Says:

    Besides Lola and Olivia were in a movie based on Ivy┬┤s Biography.
    Well I love the episode, may be it was not like I Imagine but i think that all the questions were answered

  4. Eva Says:

    I can’t believe that it’s over! I did loved this episode, great touch to see Jack & Georgina hitting it off and never suspected Dan to be GG! But I have to admit: I saw better episodes than the finale, but happy to see them all where they belong:)

  5. Jami Says:

    i think i just love this show and too bad it’s over.